Brief History of First Communion

First communion dresses are a big part of the Holy Communion rites. They date back to the beginning of communion practices. There is a long history of first communion going back to August 1919 when Pope Pius X issued a decree that reestablished a law on First Communion. The church started encouraging children to participate in the sacrament of the Eucharist. They lowered the age to seven years old. They consider this the age or discretion or reason. In many Catholic churches the child must first make a first confession. This leaves the child in a state of grace and prepared for first communion.


Most churches require a child to attend and pass catechism classes and memorize a few prayers that will be recited on the big day.  First Holy Communion dresses are typically white and often include a veil. Not all participates decide to wear a communion dress. It is also possible to take first communion in your Sunday best outfit. This is usually a day that the entire family gathers to watch the child take first communion and then attend a party held by the family later in the day. This is usually a very special day for everyone involved and symbolizes the induction of the child into the church.

Shopping for a Communion Dress

When its time for your daughter to take her first communion, one of the most important duties you have is to take her shopping for a dress.  Communion dresses can be purchased at a number of outlets. Most department stores carry a selection of dresses. Check your local Macys, Dillards or Saks. You can also find them at Christian stores. Your local yellow pages or an Internet search can help you find these stores in your area. If you are comfortable buying a dress that your daughter has not tried on, you can shop online. There are hundreds of sites selling communion dresses.


A first communion dress is usually white. This symbolizes purity. These dresses are quite fancy, and often include a veil. They sort of resemble a mini wedding dress. In many religions first communion is the symbolic marriage of your child and Christ. In most religions the first communion takes place around the age of seven or eight, while some religions push the age back to nine or ten. It typically coincides with a first confession. It is possible to have dresses custom made; you can find designers online that specialize in creating special communion dresses.

Nanny Cam Necessary

It is a sad but true fact that most people can no longer just go with their gut when it comes to providing care for their child. The days of just asking a few basic questions of the grandmotherly woman that is going to watch your child are pretty much gone. And, while you may be good about checking references that still does not mean the person you are considering hiring to take care of your child is the right one for the job.

Of course, checking references is an absolute must when considering a person who will be in charge of protecting and helping your child when you are not around. But, is it enough? Even if a neighbor or co-worker has used them in the past it does not necessarily mean they are the best candidate. Perhaps something has happened in between the time they worked for your friend until now. Or perhaps they were not aware of anything being wrong, as even something that may seem insignificant could actually have far reaching consequences.

Even if you are going through an agency that does background checks on its applicants you still need to be vigilant in your efforts of evaluating them. Sometimes a person will be perfect while you are there or even in the beginning of their employment and yet, something could still go wrong a little further down the road.

You may run into people that claim things like Nanny Cams are an invasion of their privacy, or perhaps that is your feeling as well. You need to keep in mind that this person is in charge of your childs welfare when you are not there. You have left this person in charge of the most important person in your life and that is what gives you the right to record her actions when you are not home.

When you are at home during a trial period, or when you first hire them no one thinks anything about keeping the nanny under constant watch. As a matter of fact most people would agree that it is a good idea in the beginning to sit back and observe how this person handles situations and interacts with your child. How is that any different then installing a nanny cam for the times you are not at home? In both situations you are observing an employee and how they follow the guidelines that you have set up.